Corporate event

Childcare Services during a corporate event

Looking to increase your corporate event?

Our corporate clients report higher attendance rates when parents have the option of bringing the kids along.

“Tante Marloes” has been providing professional childcare services for meetings, conventions, conferences, and events across The Netherlands and Belgium since 2012. We specialize in corporate events, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We’ll work with remote locations, unusual program hours, even international locations.

We have a wide variety of our own program themes and content, and we’ll work with you to include any educational content or entertainment activities you’d like to have in your program.

How does it work? 

The Event Childcare Team will arrive at your event venue and create a safe, creative and fun environment for children aged 0-12 years old. We can transform any room where children will love to be. We will provide a full range of toys, play equipment, creatieve activities to keep children busy at your event.
We can also provide a chill-our space where children can calm down during a long day. For the youngest guests we will bring cots, so that they can take a nap.

The mobile crèche is usually run for 4 hours or more. Within this time the children will experience a wide section of activities oragnised by the team, including arts; crafts, music and movement, games, outdoor activities, party games, free play, story time, and role play.


To create a safe and secure environment for the children, we have a check-in service for the mobile crèche. This means parents will need to complete a Registration Form with their details and emergency contact.

Parents/Carers will be required to sign the children in and out. In larger groups of children, they will get a wristband or badge with their name written on it.

For multiple day events we can create an online Registration Form. We can use that form to ensure the right number of Nannies that are needed for caring for the expected number of children at the Pop Up Crèche.

The number of Nannies will be based on the expected number of children. We use the following ratio:
Ages 0-12 years: 1 Nanny per 7 children, with a maximum of 4 children 0-4 years old and a maximum of 2 children of 0-2 years old. And always at least 2 Nannies for safety reasons.
Ages 0-4 years: 1 Nanny per 8 children, but always at least 2 Nannies for safety reasons
Ages 4-12 years: 1 Nanny per 10 children, but always at least 2 Nannies for safety reasons

The costs

The costs depend on the number of days and hours and the number of children that are expected, which will ensure the number of nannies.

One Nanny is € 36,00 per hour.
Material costs vary on the number of children to be expected and their ages. This will be somewhere in between € 275,00 – € 575,00 for 10-30 children. When there are more children, the costs will be higher.
The travel costs are € 0,45 (return calculated) from Waalwijk to the venue.

Online Childcare registration form

“Tante Marloes” can provide a customized online childcare registration form for your conference childcare program. We can manage all the registration information for you, and can send you a copy.

If you’re interested in setting up an online childcare registration form for your meeting, event or conference, please let us know!