Beautiful creations

Children of all ages absolutely love this: faceprinting! Whether they want to be a princess, Spiderman, a flower girl or a monster…. Our professional facepainters can do it all.

Using only the best facepaint brands, children can choose to be whatever they want. Our facepainting team have completed multiple courses and workshops to learn the best techniques.

In one hour, one facepainter can paint up to 10 children. Per child we need 5-7 minutes to create the best designs. One design is quicker than the other, but this depends on the children and what they choose to be.

Are you working with themes at your event? We can adapt our designs to every theme.


The professional facepainter will come to your event for € 55,00 for the first hour and € 45,00 for the next hour(s). This is excluding travel costs: € 0,45 p/km (return calculated) from Waalwijk.