What can we do for you?

Especially for children in the ages of 4-12 years, we can offer different kinds of workshops. One workshop will last 1-2 hours, depending on the activity and the age of the children.

In all of the workshops, a professional will help the children to learn the different techniques. They will create something to bring home (except the workshops not using creative materials).

We offer the following workshops:



full26258630-300x199Using décopatch, different figures can be decorated. The children can choose their own figures. Décopatch is suitable for children of 6 years and older. There’s special sheets of paper to be ripped and pasted onto the figure with special glue.

Décopatch sheets can be used onto wood, plastics, cardboard and metals. There are also smaller figures that we can bring to the venue to use. Those figures are boxes, animals, masks, piggy bank, mirrors, photo frames… There are loads of possibilities.


images-4Playmais is a nice way to be creative. 3D figures are made very easily by children of all ages. In this workshop they will learn about the different possibilities of Playmais. This can either be a flat picture or a 3D figure. Anything is possible! We will show the children every aspect and stimulate them to be even more creative than they know they can be.

Playmais is 100% biodegradable and doesn’t impact the environment.

Because Playmais doesn’t need any glue, just water, it means no dirty clothing for the children when they make a mess. There’s no need for aprons or special clothes.

Cast art

IMG_3286-300x200The workshop “cast art” is a challenge for children in the ages of 8-12 years. Every child will have a small wooden board and iron wire. The iron wire will be the shape of the figure. A little man, animal, flower… Anything the child can think of and make out of 1 piece of iron wire.

This iron wire figure will be standing on the wooden board. We will use cart and a hairdryer in this stage. The cast will attach to the wooden board when made wet and dry. This is quite a mess, so old clothing is advised.

When the iron wire figure is covered in cast, we can make it pretty and decent. It’s even possible to paint the cast arts afterwards. That’s not possible in just 1 workshop, but can even be done at home or at school for example.

Cupcake decorating

cupcakes-maken-300x224This workshop is age-limited. Children of 4-8 years old will have an other workshop than children aged 8-12 years.

The children of 4-8 years old will use icing in approximately 1 hour. Our professional will explain what icing is and how to use it. She will show some examples and help the children use it on their own cupcakes.

The children of 8-12 years old will have a 1,5-2 hour workshop with fondant. They can either make a small cake or cupcakes. The children will learn how to work with fondant and what they can make with it. They can try themselves, using different kinds of decorative materials as well.

Balloon animals

We believe that every child once got a balloon animal. But how can you make your own? In this workshop, children will learn how to make a few animals themselves.

We only work with professional balloons by Qualatex. These balloons don’t pop as often as the cheaper balloons, to be bought in toy stores. Every child will have their own pomp and will learn how to use it. After that, they will need to learn how to tie a balloon. From there on, animals can be made!
Because there are some special techniques using both hands, this workshop is only suitable for children from 8 years.

What children can learn in 1 workshop: a dog, flower, lovebug, etc.

Face painting

Tante Marloes schminkFacepaint is also very famous among children. In this workshop they will learn how to do it themselves! We will take a look at the different kinds of materials and will make a design after that on paper.

Practicing on paper is a good way to start with. They will see the differences in brushes and sponges.

Of course, they can make their design on their own hand or on someone else’s face.