Where can I find your Rules & Regulations?

You can download our Rules and Regulations here. We will also send them to you with the offer.

Rules and regulations

Can you send us an offer that's not binding?

Our offers are never binding, unless you send us a written confirm.

To receive an offer, you can send us an email or use our contact form on this website. Fill in all the fields, so we have all the information needed. If you don’t know the details yet, please make an estimated guess.

How many Nannies will be present at our event?

That depends on the number of children to be expected and their ages:

Ages 0-12 years: 1 Nanny per 7 children, with a maximum of 4 children 0-4 years old and a maximum of 2 children of 0-2 years old. And always at least 2 Nannies for safety reasons
Ages 0-4 years: 1 Nanny per 5 children, but always at least 2 Nannies for safety reasons
Ages 4-12 years: 1 Nanny per 8 children, but always at least 2 Nannies for safety reasons

What will you bring to our venue?

We will bring everything that is necessary to care for children. The materials and toys we bring are based on their ages.

What we will bring will be mentioned on the offer we send you. For example:
– Various toys
– Arts and crafts
– Large building blocks
– Kitchen and supermarket
– Various baby needs
– Etc.

What do you need to create the mobile crèche?

What we need is simple; a room to create the childcare services and of course: children! 

The best way to create a childcare, is to have at least 3,5 m2 per child. That way the children have enough possibilities in playing. They need space to move around.

If children need to nap during the childcare services, it is best to have an extra room. Sleeping children then won’t be interfered by playing children. We can bring travel cots to use. We also use baby monitors.