Childcare Services during your wedding

First of all: congratulations on getting married!

“Tante Marloes” can provide experienced Wedding Nannies at your venue to care for your own children, and/or the children of your guests.

How to

Be it at the hotel in which your guests are staying or in a separate room at the venue (wedding suite, private room), we will create a Pop Up Crèche to allow each child to kick back and relax.

Our Wedding Nannies will bring tons of toys, arts and crafts, books, music and movies, to ensure your littlest guests a fun and exciting time. Having the nannies close to you at the venue, but separated from the adult party area, will ensure you safety and peace of mind. This will also allow the adults to pop in at any time to check in or scoop their little ones up for a quick dance.

Number of Nannies needed

We use the following ratio:
Ages 0-12 years: 1 Nanny per 7 children, with a maximum of 4 children 0-4 years old and a maximum of 2 children of 0-2 years old. And always at least 2 Nannies for safety reasons
Ages 0-4 years: 1 Nanny per 5 children, but always at least 2 Nannies for safety reasons
Ages 4-12 years: 1 Nanny per 8 children, but always at least 2 Nannies for safety reasons

Daily program 

We are very flexible at weddings. Of course you will have a time schedule for the whole day. Tante Marloes will adjust to this schedule. Our Nannies can care for the children, eat with the children and put them to bed in the evening.


Depending on how many children are present at the wedding, and their ages, the costs will be calculated in a quote. Please let us know what we can do for you, so we can send you a non-committal quote.